Thursday, September 18, 2008

Planning a Trip

Oh, my! Trying to get everyone's schedules and airline tickets to coordinate is gruesome. I got one of these hair brain ideas to go see my Nana in November. It would be Me and the two boys. Well, in less than 24hrs. it has become a whole family event. It has gone from the 1st of November to the last part of November. You guessed it Thanksgiving! WHY me? do I ask? So far I got tickets for the boys & I. Then my husband did a boo-hoo and I got him a ticket. My parents are driving from Wyoming and bringing a friend of mine (who left a Mormon polygamy group. that is another long story in itself) who I had to get a return ticket to PA because she will be staying at our home for a while. But good news..............I will see all my relatives and have a Thanksgiving again like when I was young. I will get to see "my" Golden Gate again! Weird how you grow up and see it all the time and take advantage. We are going to the tree lighting day after Thanksgiving on Pier 39.
Yes, Angelo will have his GPS on and I do not care what anyone says or thinks, I am attaching a leash thing between him and I. One of the reasons why I left the bay area....Really scary people! Outside of SF, not so bad. But, in the city.....Oh, MY! I get to take the kids to half moon bay. We will probably freeze our hinney's off but they will get to put their feet in the sand. So, off I go to try to get this together.


Heather said...

So exciting!!!!!! You are going to have a blast, and I would do the leash too. My hubby and I were just saying that we could use a gps for Caleb, especially in a crowd. Have fun planning!

Laura said...

Hope your plans work out and go smoothly. Sounds like a wonderful trip!