Friday, September 12, 2008

homeschool year again

We have started our homeschooling year and I hope to make things a little more enjoyable this year for the boys. I feel that my older son, Jeno's schooling was too structured and Angelo's didn't have enough structure! I am going to try some different ideas this year. SO, wish me Luck! (A few prayers my way couldn't hurt either) Right now I am having the "Can't seem to get organized" and I am only a week into the school year. Yikes! I am trying to get everything in arms reach or at lest where I can find it. I am such a "curriculum junkie"I have soooooooo many useful things. But when I need them I don't know where (what box, if in attic or basement) it is. Hope by the end of the weekend (LOL) I'll have it some what together.


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