Sunday, November 8, 2009

Just thought I would check in today. We have been very busy but I think that life is going to slow down a bit now that I will have some help with my Mother that is living with us. It has been a tough road but we have survived and am so grateful we have found some proper care for her.

Angelo is doing great! We still have our ups and downs but that is to be expected. He got to be the coach assistant on his brother, Jeno's football game. He was in charge of Moral. LOL!!!!
He was so cute. He would give them the pep talk before each game. They won the championship today and he got to ride with the team on Firetrucks through the whole town. We followed behind (all the parents) in our cars blowing the horn, etc.... Everyone was coming out and waving at them. I don't think either will forget this for a long time. Jeno was the captain of the team and is a great player. We are soooo proud!

This last Thursday we did community service with the homeschool group. We went to the Salvation Army and help to get all the candy canes together. Angelo got a kick outta thinking he was helping Santa. It was a long afternoon and we did close to 2000 candy canes with stickers and all. Jeno was a trooper but after about a hour Angelo started to poop out and wanted to play the drums in the chapel. Thank Goodness the people we were helping understood about the little ones and sent for Pizza. Oh, what a day for Angelo....helping Santa and getting Pizza for helping.

We will be leaving to go to Disney in 2.5 weeks. Our whole family is in great need of some fun. We cannot wait!


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