Friday, November 13, 2009

911 call center

We were to go on a 911 call center field trip today. I made the executive decision and decided not to go. Angelo knows to dial 911 for emergencies but I do not want him to become obsessed. I could just imagine the whole drama! Oh, My goodness! I just don't know what I was thinking when I said we would go. LOL!!! So we are just going to make pretzels instead. Pretty safe!


Tara said...

LOL-I would've made the same decision. My daughter would've become obsessed as well and had the cops at our house daily :)

Heather said...

Hey!! Great to hear from you. Caleb talks about Angelo a lot and wonders how he is doing. I don't know if you have our new number. It is 717-252-6401... feel free to give us a call anytime!!